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Classes are great for acquiring new knowledge, developing skills, staying engaged and establishing new healthy habits. (Or are we the only ones who respond way too well to external motivators?!)

Anyhoo...bookmark this page for easy access. Classes, courses and more will be added over time. If there's an offering you'd like, but don't see, give us a holler! It's likely others are craving the same thing and we're all over helping y'all out.

Ubiquitous COVID-19 Notice

Hey all. We know these are trying times. While we can't do any in-person classes during this period of lock-down, we can totally do classes together online.

Yay, another Zoom session! (Said nobody ever! 😝)

Anyway, just reach out about scheduling a class. Yoga HIIT, Healthy Back, Yoga Express and Martial Yoga can be adjusted to fit the virtual format. They will be booked/charged like a Virtual Private Lesson. Guided Relaxation and Chakra Clinic will be booked as-is, but done virtually.


So let's do this!

Descriptions & Details

Yoga | Private Lesson

Personalized 1-on-1 or small-group session

45+ mins


Yoga | Virtual Private Lesson

Customized online 1-on-1 or small-group session

45+ mins


Yoga | Healthy Back Yoga

Whole-core class for a strong back

60 mins


Yoga | Yoga HIIT

Yoga flow spiked with high-intensity intervals

60 mins


Yoga | Martial Yoga

Fusion yoga/martial arts flow

60 mins


Yoga | Yoga Express

Quick stretching- & core-focused class

30 mins


Yoga | Yoga Party

Yoga plus a special event (yogi's choice)!

2+ hrs


Wellness | Guided Relaxation

Easy-to-follow session for total mind-body calm

30+ mins


Wellness | Chakra Clinic

TLC for your energy centers

30+ mins


Private Lesson


Treat yourself right with a lesson customized especially for you! This is great for folks who:

  • Don't like big group exercise classes.

  • Are beginners and want to establish a solid foundation.

  • Have special needs or goals.

  • Have time considerations that make it hard to attend other classes.

  • Want to share a special experience with a small group of friends/family members.

  • Just want a class tailored to them and all the undivided attention. 🥰


​This is an in-person class. Location is TBD. Price is TBD based on amount of time (minimum of 45 minutes), location and number of students (maximum of 5).


Students provide all their own equipment/supplies (mat, strap, blocks, etc.).

Virtual Private Lesson

Prosper from an online session that's personalized to you. It's perfect for peeps who:

  • Don't like big group exercise classes.

  • Have special needs or goals.

  • Have time or location considerations that make it hard to attend other classes.

  • Want to share a special experience with a small group of friends/family members.

  • Just want a class tailored to them and all the undivided attention. 🥰


Because we can't offer physical adjustments, this style of class is better for students with some prior yoga experience.

The class will be conducted via a Zoom (or similar). Price is TBD based on amount of time (minimum of 45 minutes) and number of students (maximum of 3).

Students provide their own yoga supplies (mat, strap, blocks, etc.) and audio/visual equipment.

Healthy Back

A strong core is essential for a healthy back. In this class, we'll do a combination of static and semi-dynamic poses, slow micro-flows and other exercises to build and maintain all the muscle groups that contribute to back stability and functionality. This pretty much means everything from the upper leg region up through the head and neck (it's all connected!), both frontside and backside. A gentle-paced practice, Healthy Back is suitable for all.

Students provide their own yoga supplies (mat, strap, blocks, etc.).


High-intensity interval training has been shown to be an effective and efficient approach to fitness. With that in mind, Yoga HIIT features rigorous (but relatively simple) flows intermixed with power bursts (think burpees and jump squats, but yogafied!). While challenging, even beginning yogis can do this class.

Students provide their own mat.

Martial Yoga


Drawing upon movements from tai chi, kung fu and more, this class blends martial arts with yoga. Kicks, punches and blocks are used as transitions and to level-up musclework. This is a more intense and complex class; it's not intended for beginning yoga students.  


Students provide their own mat.

Yoga Express

Perfect for folks who want to get a workout in but have a limited amount of time, this short class gives a nod to every major muscle group from head to toe in 30 minutes flat. Due to the short format, the class is structured as follows: brief warm up --> brief active stretching and core work --> brief cool down (sans savasana). You should leave feeling warm and gooey, but probably not really sweaty. Yoga Express is perfect for everyone! 

Students provide their own mat.

Yoga Party!

Let's get creative here! More than just a class, a Yoga Party! is an event. Sure, it includes a one-hour yoga class. But, in addition, you'll enjoy a potluck, tea party, movie night, wine tasting, community service outing, etc. — it's really up to you to decide what the "party" portion is going to be. And what better way to share some quality time with family, friends, coworkers, club members or whoever your posse is!

Partygoers should wear comfortable clothing for yoga and may need a change of outfit depending upon the other activities. Additional details will be provided based on the nature of the event.

Guided Relaxation


Sometimes you just need a little help getting to state of relaxation. In the Guided Relaxation class, we'll use a variety of techniques and modalities (like breathing exercises, yogic stretching and massage) to calm your inner savage beast. You should come away feeling refreshed and ready to move through the rest of your day/evening. 

Students should bring a mat and journal to class and wear comfortable clothing.

Chakra Clinic


The seven chakras along your spine, which run from the tip of your tailbone to the top of your head, form a sort of energy superhighway. In this class, we'll explore the various attributes of your chakras. Through sound, movement and more we'll tune in and tune up those energy and intention centers!

Students should bring a mat and journal to class and wear comfortable clothing.

We know that sometimes things come up and you can't make it to a class or event you've booked. No worries! Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions for our various purchase-related policies. We'll do our best to keep ya Real Happy. 😊

Iyengar Yoga

What People Say

“Suzanne is a caring and knowledgeable instructor and it made the class wonderful.” — Yaniv


Instructor Spotlights


Suz Brick | CYT 200

Suz has been a practicing yogi for more than 20 years. While she regularly does Vinyasa, she loves to explore other styles and yoga fusions. In addition to yoga, Suz takes spin and TRX classes to keep her bod moving and her mind on an even keel. Suz also has a 1st-degree black belt in mixed martial ​arts.

When not yoga-ing, Suz is busy with her wellness marketing communications business. Suz's other interests include clean cooking, travel, learning new stuff, all kinds of puzzles, binge-watching BBC-esque periods dramas and anything artsy-craftsy.

You're invited to contact Suz with any questions about Real Well yoga classes or wellness marcom services.


Honored Guests

It takes a village, right? With that in mind, Real Well sometimes collaborates with other wellness practitioners to offer you even more classes and events.

Among these trusted partners are professional massage therapists, nutritionists, life coaches, hypnotherapist and more. They're all certified or licensed in their respective fields. Plus, they have boatloads of experience — so you can be assured they have well-honed their crafts. And, on top of being skillful, they're amazing people and a pleasure to be around!

Any RW classes or events featuring an Honored Guest will have a mini-bio (or link to  their creds) in the description.

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