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  • Handcrafted Journal

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    Individuwell Thoughts...

    One of the greatest ways to develop and support wellbeing is journaling. Journaling can help you get all that "stuff" that's swirling around inside you...out! It can help you bring form to vague, nebulous ideas that are nagging at the corners of your brain. Many people find that putting pen to paper is relaxing, cathartic, liberating, focusing—what is it for you?

    With this lovely journal, you can find out. Its sort of neutral look provides a great blank slate for you to make it your own, to make it exactly what you want or need it to be.


    Product Info (from the manufacturer)

    The Leatherian A7 notebook is made of hazelnut-colored "distressed" leather. It measures 4.13x2.91 inches (105x74 millimeters). 

    This handsome product is 100% handcrafted with all cutting, stitching, dying and labeling steps.

    The antique or rustic look has been achieved by using a particular type of leather. Its color will become darker, richer with time. (This is completely natural and expected effect. It's not indicative of defective materials/production.)

    Thank you for choosing this exclusively crafted Leatherian product!


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