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Just some fun stuff to make your wellness routines more colorful and enticing!

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp with Massage Balls

    SKU: e651c94b

    Individuwell Thoughts...

    I'm a big fan of salt lamps. Supposedly they purify the air around them, which is awesome. However, I like them for the cozy ambiance they create. The soft, warm light—a glow really—makes your space cozy, comfortable, welcoming, calming.... I could keep on going with the fuzzy words of praise, but I'll spare you.

    If you're looking for a way to smoothe out the hard edges or melt away the sterility of a cold room, give this salt lamp thing a try.

    Added bonus: You can use the five salt spheres that come with this lamp as massage tools. Oooh, just imagine rolling them under your feet after a long day! Or attacking that crazy sciatic knot with one of these.... Can you feel the tension melting away?

    (Note: The pics with the chunks of salt in the bowl are simply intended to show you the other stuff that comes in the box with your lamp. If you order this lamp, you will get the version that is the bowl+5 salt orbs.)


    Product Info (from the manufacturer)

    Salt Gems Massage Salt Lamp comes with 5 Round Salt Massage Balls, which are great for using as a massage tool (for the back, legs, neck, feet) or as stress balls.

    Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Bowl contains pure, organic and hand-carved Himalayan Salt Stones. Warm them up or put them in the freezer.

    The Salt Gems Himalayan Salt Massage Bowl is available in natural shades of orange, pink and red. These pieces are quite durable and, if kept out of wet places, can last a lifetime.

    Salt Gems Crystal Salt Massage Bowl Lamp is perfect for use in your home or workplace any time of day. It's even better at the night when its gentle amber glow envelops your surroundings. When it is lit at night, it does create a sense of comfort and relief from fatigue and stress.

    Salt Gems Massage Lamp is a thing of beauty. The attractive hand-carved bowl is ideal to be displayed in any decor. The soothing effect of this illuminating piece adds serenity to any place.

    The origin of Himalayan sea salt is from the sea beds at the base of the Himalaya. It is meticulously hand carved and finally being cut into the attractive bowl.

    Himalayan Salt is known for its various healing properties. Himalayan Salt is also famous for its mood-lifting properties. This is why many people decorate their spaces with Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps—to create an atmosphere of spiritual and mental healing. 

    Technical Details: 

    • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 5 inches
    • Color: Varying in color naturally. Hues of Pink and Orange. Each lamp is unique; they will vary in size, shape and color.
    • Materials: Wood, Crystal Salt
    • Power: Push-button cord