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Just some fun stuff to make your wellness routines more colorful and enticing!

  • Leather Pocket Journal - BALANCE

    SKU: dc60921c

    Individuwell Thoughts...

    One of the greatest ways to develop and support wellbeing is journaling. Journaling can help you get all that "stuff" that's swirling around inside you...out! It can help you bring form to vague, nebulous ideas that are nagging at the corners of your brain. Many people find that putting pen to paper is relaxing, cathartic, liberating, focusing—what is it for you?

    With this lovely journal, you can find out. Its sort of neutral look provides a great blank slate for you to make it your own, to make it exactly what you want or need it to be.


    Product Info (from the manufacturer)

    This high-quality, genuine leather journal pocket journal is lightly embossed with an esoteric geometric pattern and the word "BALANCE." The journal is encased in a rich dark brown leather cover.

    Our pocket journals are made using oil pull up leather, which has a grainy texture that's a bit like suede and adds to its vintage appeal. With use, this journal will develop a patina (patination is the process where leather look like old leather). 

    • Journal is 3" wide x 4.25" long x 0.50" deep
    • This journal is refillable 
    • Genuine leather cover material 
    • Paper is tree-free and environmentally friendly
    • 50 pages of white color handmade cotton paper with sublet specks of fiber
    • Comes standard with unlined/ blank 125gsm paper which is bleed-resistant and fountain pen friendly

    Our materials have natural faults and lines that make every piece unique.

    Note: Pen Not Included.