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Hi friend!

Congrats on your decision to participate in this little yoga challenge. Should be fun! Feel free to share this challenge with others.

Below are some info and resources I’ve cobbled together for your challenge. Use it, or don’t — it’s all good. This is a self-challenge, so if this stuff helps you organize yourself…well, awesome!

Create Your Challenge


This is a self-challenge mostly because what’s a challenge to one might not be a challenge to you. And for the challenge to be meaningful (and, uh, challenging) it’s got to resonate with you personally. So, I’m outlining some steps you can take to shape your challenge.


  1. Define Your Goal. What do you want to achieve or get out of doing this challenge? Your goal should be S.M.A.R.T. You might want a frequency- (e.g., yoga every day), duration- (e.g., doing 75-mins sessions instead of 60-mins sessions), pose- (e.g., handstand) or progression-based (e.g., touch toes) goal. Pick something that will be a challenge to you.

  2. Figure Out Some Logistics. Establish how you are going to do your challenge. Where will you do your yoga? Will you go solo or take classes? When will you do yoga? (Check out my classes! You're welcome to join.) Do you need to schedule into your day? You’ve already defined the what and why, now define the when, where and how.

  3. Establish Some Guardrails. Consider incorporating some incentives, contingencies and options so you have some flexibility with your challenge. This way you won’t feel like if you “slip up” once your challenge is in the toilet. For example, if your challenge is to do crow pose daily and you’re too sore one day, maybe you do a different arm balance pose or use a block or give a different “stretch” pose a shot. The challenge should be encouraging, not discouraging!

  4. Prep. Gather together your props. Make sure you have yogawear ready. Subscribe to that online studio and sign up for some classes. You get the idea — do what you need to do to minimize barriers to success.

  5. Get It In Writing. You’re more likely to stick with it if you write down your challenge statement. On paper. With a pen.


Example Challenge

  1. Goal. (frequency-based) 15+ mins of yoga every day (Up from about 70 mins, 2 times/week)

  2. Logistics. Where: In my kitchen or living room. When: First thing in the morning. How: Mix of solo practice app and live online classes.

  3. Guardrails. Make up a missed day with double yoga the next. Reward for successful challenge completion: yoga wheel.

  4. Prep. Gear/equipment ready to go. Need to subscribe to yoga studio for online classes.

Sharing Your Challenge




You are certainly welcome to keep your challenge under wraps. But if you choose to reveal yourself — that’s cool.


Where To Post & Follow


You can do so by sharing your thoughts, learnings and achievements on Facebook and/or Instagram. Just post using the hashtag #myyogachallenge. You can also post onto the RW Facebook page ( using the #berealwell hashtag. Remember: These are public forums, not private group spaces, so share accordingly.

Even if you opt to not share your yogic adventure, feel free to check out my pages and follow these hashtags.

What To Post

Whatever represents you/your journey during this challenge. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pic or video of you doing yoga

  • Image of someone else doing the challenge pose you’re working on

  • Pic of the plant/animal for whom the pose you’re doing is named

  • Inspirational quote or affirmation

  • Favorite mantra of the day

  • Reflection on your progress to date


The purpose of sharing on social media is just to have fun, build community and help with accountability. It’s totally optional. Lots of people aren’t into social media, aren’t comfortable posting yoga selfies, etc. — that’s OK!

If sharing on social doesn’t serve you, don’t do it. You can find other ways to document and track your challenge and facilitate accountability (if you want to, of course, as it’s your challenge and completely up to you!).

Calendar + Extras


Here are some goodies to facilitate your challenge. Have fun with them!

  • Yoga Challenge Calendar. This example is for the January 2021 challenge, but you can easily make your own for whichever month you're doing your challenge. (Word and Canva have some good calendar templates you can customize.) You can use your challenge calendar to mark off the days you met your challenge commitment. Or write into each square what your daily sub-goal is. Or plot out milestones for your challenge. I’ve included a suggested “theme” for each day. These are just to spark your inspiration if you’re stuck. They’re based on holidays, events or the concept of “exploration.”

  • Journaling. Many people find this to be an excellent companion to their yoga, especially during a challenge. There are all kinds of journals and journaling: standard, dot journaling, themed journals with prompts. I really like this pixel journal concept; you can adjust the legend and colors to suit your challenge.

  • Mandalas & Zen Doodles. Another great compliment to your yoga challenge might be to create your own mandalas (DIY grid + instructions) and/or zen doodles. These are highly meditative, expressive activities. I can see these pairing nicely with chakra work….

  • Meditation. Again, there are all sorts of mindwork. I really love using InsightTimer as there’s something for everyone/mood/time allotment. From body scans to mindfulness practices — they got it. You can also find great meditations on YouTube, Headspace, etc.

  • Chakras. Info and links to more info, this PDF hits on all aspects of chakras.

  • Yamas & Niyamas. At-a-glance resources on these guiding principles of Yoga (with a capital “Y”).

  • 8 Dimensions of Wellness. This is just a bonus I’m tossing in, because it’s interesting and may be helpful in a more general way. The idea is that overall wellness has several different contributing factors that interact to influence your health and wellbeing.

  • Yoga Classes. You are so invited to join one of my classes!


Have loads of fun with this challenge. Try new things. Stretch your boundaries.

I know you can do it! More importantly, YOU know you’ve got this in the (yoga)bag because you’re awesome! If you have any questions or are looking for support, just reach out.


Suz @ Real Well